Spiritual Healing

Steven Ross

A simple yet profound process of receiving healing energy no matter your condition, whether it’s a physical aliment, emotional or mental disturbance or spiritual counseling. The intuitive process is asked for your highest good as it pertains to you and your needs. Steven has dedicated the last ten years to healing under the guidance of Francis the healer and has worked with many people in the Austin area.

There is no fee for a healing session, donations are gratefully accepted. To schedule a 30 minute appointment call Steven 512 779 8543 or email eastsideyoga@gmail.com

You can visit Steven’s blog which has short verses written intuitively to give counsel to spiritual seekers www.thelostverses.wordpress.com.

Spiritual blessings available upon request: weddings, couples, transitions and house blessings are possible.  If you are interested in a spiritual wedding ceremony visit www.stevenrossceremonies.com.