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The Lost Verses – Teachings for Harmonious Living

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Steven recently released his first ever book, The Lost Verses – Teachings for Harmonious Living. Written intuitively this book is a collection of short verses and concise teachings into every aspect of daily and spiritual life. Any passage or teaching can be used as counsel for your own spiritual practice.

Teachings for Harmonious Living consists of lessons, practices, prayers, affirmative statements and guided meditations suitable for one and all. Originating from an intuitive place of inner-silence, this work has been placed in the conscious awareness of the author to be presented as a practical guide for those seeking harmony in their daily lives.

Steven Ross

Steven Ross is a teacher of yoga, spirituality and meditation, he also serves as a spiritual healer and is a wedding officiant. Steven’s search for truth began over fourteen years ago, he has dedicated much of his adult life to the search for greater truth and Self awareness through his study and practice of yoga spirituality. Born and raised in Scotland, it was his journey to Texas that transformed his outlook and began his quest in earnest. This journey eventually led him to open Eastside Yoga in Austin Texas late 2009 so he and his wife Elsa could make a positive impact in their local community. His first CD entitled
Sunday Mornings meditation was released early 2014.