Steven Ross
Uplifts students through an enjoyable meditative practice... read more
M. Elsa Bui
Aims for each pose to fit the student's needs and for the openness and insight it brings to carry into daily life... ... read more


Anika Fassia
Within a safe, inclusive environment, yoga practice can bring about a positive personal transformation... read more
Brooke Binstock
My class is a warm invitation to move slowly and drop into stillness... read more
Denise Deniger
Has rich, diverse experience that contributes to her teaching more
Erika Wulff
Has an eclectic style and celebrates the power of more
Erin Tierney
Enjoys helping people move towards optimum health and balance in their lives... read more
Iva Drtina-Hall
Her aim is to initiate the process of transformation in every student ... read more
Jaime Benevento
When we waiver and fall out of balance we are asked to question where center is, it's then that center is more
Jessica Steinbomer
A foundation in traditional yogic philosophy blended with authentic modern wisdom shines through in her more
Joy Domingues-Torres
Her classes are breath-centered, compassionate, and challenging while she honoring the different levels students bring... read more
Kate Bero
Her classes are a way for students to explore their inner landscapes... read more
Katherine Winge
Enjoys sharing her love affair with yoga with students, especially to bring healing and peace... read more
Kelsey Nunez
Yoga is about the balance of the physical, energetic, and mental bodies taking us on an inward journey... read more
Lisa Feder
Yoga can help everyone feel better, more fully engage, and create space in the mind body and heart... read more
Lonne Dickerson
Know that where you are is exactly where you are suppose to be... read more
Marissa Knox
Her classes are infused with a loving awareness of our body and mind... read more
Mary ReneƩ
Drawing from various influences, her classes are eclectic and focused on remaining awake, balanced, and open... read more
Melinda Barsales
Her classes emphasize the cultivation of self-awareness of both the physical and subtle bodies... read more
Melissa Savoie
My classes focus on cultivating a peaceful relationship with the body and the mind through movement and awareness... read more
Morgan Curtis
Incorporates pranayama, chanting, meditation, yoga philosophy and humor into her classes... read more
Sarah Fangsrud
Yoga is a whole way of living and her classes are demanding and transformational... read more
Tyaga Welch
Yoga is an artist, musician, and experienced yogi... read more