M. Elsa Bui

Elsa is co-founder of Eastside Yoga and also Steven's wife. A Vietnamese native of Texas, she has been a licensed physical therapist for 13 years and is Board Certified in neurologic physical therapy by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. Her experiences working with neurological rehab, orthopaedic/sports rehab and chiropractic settings over the years gives her a vast amount of skills and insights that she brings to teaching yoga.

Currently working in the home health setting, she teaches people with injuries, medical problems and those recovering from surgeries, to optimize their function and return to life!  She is a graduate of Sacred Roots Yoga School and completed a mentorship with Erin Tierney focused on teaching Gentle Yoga for those with injury or needing modifications to suit their individual needs.

From her experience as a physical therapist and a yoga instructor, she focuses her classes on the keys to attaining and maintaining daily optimal function on and off the mat. Striving for awareness of correct body alignment, core stability, flexibility and strength are key.