Private Yoga Classes

Eastside Yoga offers private yoga classes as a means to transform your yoga practice and take it to the next level. Yoga was originally intended to be taught, one on one, our personalized sessions give you the attention and focus required to deepen your yoga experience and allow you to develop at your own pace.

Steven Ross

Private yoga sessions with Steven:

  • Beginners: learn the basics and be ready for your first yoga class
  • Home Practice: teacher prepares home routine based on your needs
  • Practice reached a plateau: take it the next level
  • Build a pranayama and meditation practice
  • Bring yoga spirituality into your practice

Private yoga sessions with Elsa

  • Therapeutic needs: injury, illness, stress management
  • Physical Therapist for 13 years, Master of Physical Therapy
  • Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist
  • Certified in LSVT – BIG program for Parkinson’s Disease

To make an appointment for a private yoga session email